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Games Rollercoaster - a simulator builder, designer, marketing specialist, a psychologist and director in one person.You will manage the amusement park with lots of different recreational facilities, will need to maintain order and good humor in the Park, to design and build a grand entertainment facilities and all the ways to cheer up visitors.But in your park, in the first place should always be an attraction that is known to all its spread around the world and experiences of passengers.Everyone knows this ride their queues and enormous adrenaline rush get visitors is a roller coaster.Amusement business in the U.S. and Europe is very popular and very profitable, as demonstrated by the grandeur and beauty of buildings that his appearance attracted a lot of children and their parents, because we do not mind a dip into childhood.Interesting fact: in America, these slides have a different name - the Russian, though slides were born in America, but they have become very popular.Game sense is to build the most elegant and dangerous constructions Rollercoaster and away their development to meet the most undemanding users.You have to do everything possible for them to return with friends in your park.But in this case, most of the games does not end, you will be able to manage these, fast as missiles, booths of fun, and it was during the movement to change the speed of trolleys and include the effects at the right time, and more, and really invented, all for the gaming experience .In some games, you will encounter obstacles or bonuses, which diversify the game and would lift the mood of the passengers.Criteria in the game a lot, but there are two of the most basic, the first is to make such an attraction, and so cope with it that all passengers have returned safe and sound.Second, is the experiences of most visitors, the more dangerous stunts, turns fulfill their seat with them, the more they like it.Want to test the nerves of the castle visitors, build the most remarkable and well-known hill, then you go in this section, look for a specific game, and begin to develop the Amusement business, provide A huge queue at your trolleys, make visitors scream with joy and enjoy themselves on the game.We wish you a pleasant game and the championship of the competition-attraktsionschikov.

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