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Game genre "Gravity" first became known in 2004, when the studio Codebrew Software released a game for mobile phones Gravity Defiend.The game has become a cult, and after a special application that enables personally edit game levels, and it does become a bestseller.Let's try to figure out what this game is due to its unpretentious success.To start, let's look at the word "Gravity."For many it will be associated with gravity, weightlessness and space.If you decide that the game is related to outer space, you will be disappointed and ... surprise.The game is a simulation of extreme driving, where you need to win that same gravity to overcome.At the beginning of the game, at the very first level, the game is fairly straightforward enables us to understand the basics of driving, and the basic principles of overcoming obstacles.There are different variations of the game, in some of them we have to control the bike, the other bikes, and some even a jeep.Levels are totally insane, consisting of unimaginable springboards, dizzying jumps and vertical segments of the road that need to be overcome.More than one hundred mobile phones was broken in an attempt to get one or another level.For hours, people have tried to climb the seemingly impenetrable wall that is necessary, and most importantly can be overcome.Schools and other educational institutions, students secretly under the desk playing Gravity, skipping past the ears of teachers lecture.Play alone, or transfer to other phone, passing the levels one by one.In the game there is no timetable for a common understanding of the word, there is no plot at all, the game is reduced to the push of three to four buttons (left, right, etc.etc.), But it was played and played more than heaped shooters, and exciting quests.Developers out of nothing created a game that suits people of all ages, tastes and opinions, the game you are playing.Play Gravity you can and on our website, where you will find many options for this hit.Even if this game is in your mobile phone, and you often on the way home, or sitting in a queue to see a doctor with a passion play, you'll still be surprised.After all, do not tell, and to play on your mobile phone, and on-screen home or office computer is different.On the big screen, and the game will seem a bit different, explore new facets of the game, and the levels that you could not go before, will be completed with ease.Try it, and you will be amazed at the ease with which you will tighten this unpretentious and down-play.

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