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Who knows who the Hulk?I guess just about everything.But everyone sees this name someone of their own.Lovers of cinema will call the name of Hulk Hogan, soccer fans will come to mind Brazilian Zhivanildu Vieira de Souza, known as the Hulk.But they both remember the green Hulk comic book characters Marvel, and the hero of cartoons and movies.For many will be the surprise of the fact that this character was invented way back in 1962.Hulk - is ingenious Professor Bruce Banner, thanks to the experience which can be converted into a giant humanoid monster, has incredible and infinite power.Dr. Banner, and he is not happy, that was so, but he could develop a vaccine fails.Hulk character is remarkable in that it has many differences from other superheroes.He can not come loose in a fight, because it depends on the force of his anger, and the harder and harder to beat - the stronger becomes the hero.Hulk game, released based on the comic, movies and cartoons, could not gain success.For what could be more fun than running around invincible character, and destroy everything in its path with his bare hands?But do not think that our hero is an evil murderer.He's just a victim of a failed (or successful?) Experiment.If you do not treat people aggression, Hulk will not attack, will not cause harm to anyone.But people can not calmly accept the fact that in the world there is someone with such incredible force.Therefore, in the films described as our doctor is hiding from pursuers, and completely breaks the armies of enemies who attacked him.In the not so long ago, the film "The Avengers", the character Bruce Banner is almost a key role, because the enemy simply can not cope with such a beast.He is not harmful to their blows, shots.He's just more angry, and this is becoming stronger.The film tells us that green doctor turned a long time.No one can understand how he was given so much time to contain the negative emotions evoke in him the Hulk?At the end of the film that he said that the best way to restrain the anger - is under his influence, reconcile with him, merge.If you're familiar with the character, the ability to play the Hulk on our website you will please unspeakably.If you have not heard of Dr. Bruce Banner, do not know who the Hulk, and unfamiliar with its history - Hulk game will tell you everything.Play for fun, but do not forget that life is not a game.And the anger will not make you invincible, but on the contrary, would deprive the vigilance and diligence.So be calm."Do not panic!, "As Carlson.Enjoy the game!

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