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Sometimes it happens that some of the traditions, festivals and beliefs, which have long been rooted in one country come to visit another culture and take root there for long. When the wall dividing the former Soviet Union collapsed, we began to discover the original things that previously had no idea. These include the Halloween, and since the Slavs - people greedy for all sorts of celebrations, especially those where there is a field for the imagination, and public festivals, he fitted in with our mentality. Halloween is inseparable from the masquerade, and its topic is very specific - flirting with evil spirits. The History of the festival takes us to the traditions of the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland, celebrated Samhain, which emerged in the current Great Britain and Northern Ireland. About Halloween is mentioned in the Oxford English slovare published in XVI century. In it you can find a saying: "All-Hallows-Even", which means - An Evening of All Saints, and the Scots «even» is heard as "helluvin." That was the name of the night preceding the day of All Saints, and after some time the holiday has spread to Asia and Europe. Fans are looking forward to Halloween on October 31, to decorate their homes in style this holiday, kids running from house to house, begging for sweets, and older youth going in clubs or at home, arranging a grand party, where there is scary costumes, food, music and pumpkin with burning eyes. Holiday, as such, has lost its original meaning and now it can only see a reason to have fun. Neighbors compete with each other in the decoration of houses and the adjacent areas, and a special commission to determine the winner. This holiday inspires artists, designers, writers, directors, writers and creators of computer games on new creations. Image hellouinskoy attributes placed on the cups, caps, T-shirts, backpacks. They can often be seen with a pumpkin grin and flashing eyes, skulls, bats, monsters and ghosts. But all of these images does not scare and even look comical. And now, when the Halloween game, everyone can give himself an extraordinary holiday. The most important thing - to have a good costume, which you find difficult. So, the subject odevalok suggests itself. In these games, you will find the scary costumes imaginable. Become a werewolf, a vampire, a troll, a ghost, a monster of Frankenstein or his wife, or his death, skeleton with a scythe. Halloween started playing online, you remeasure many interesting costumes and pick them accessories - brooches, earrings, bracelets, vampire teeth, amulets, and others. To effectively complete the image, you will help the game of make-up. Special color palette contains exactly those colors that are needed to create your character. And, of course, hair salon, where you hair experiments fall under the concept. Halloween Games for Girls - This field is for the manifestation of fantasy and creative possibilities. Among other proposals for extensive coloring, puzzles, hidden object, the differences and similarities. And you can open your own shop and sell pumpkins, and in the dining room hellouinskoy potion of toads, rats, bats, eyeballs and spiders. Or a ride on the carousel with monsters, ghosts arrange to escape from captivity and spend it on a holiday, and the test will help you to choose a costume for himself. Halloween is not scary, but still mesmerizing beauty.

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