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To promote the brand, it is necessary to create an attractive face - a unique, eye-catching style that will compel attention and easy to remember.On the external appearance of any company employs the best professionals, and when the design is ready, his claim and begin to unwind - advertise.When a brand name is instantly recognizable, it brings the company a profit.One has only to look at the graphic image, hear the melody or see the video, we know that we offer - cars, food, perfumes, clothes, digital products and other goods.All traders have their fans who buy products only for their production.Such a popular brand and is «Hello Kitty» - small white cat in a pink dress.Shintaro Tsuji made it up in 1974He worked on it a long way and checked on her consumer reaction.With the name he also decided not immediately and initially chose between names «Kitty White» and «Hello Kitty», but decided to stop at the last.As in the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland," one of the cat's name was Kitty White, he apparently did not want to repeat myself and evoke another source.Kitty initially increased its popularity, but soon become boring monotonous image buyers and interest in it began to fall.To remedy the situation, the designer Yuko Yamaguchi gave kitty a new face.She took off her blue overalls and removed the black outline on the figure, but instead put on her pink dress, but made, and other clothes.Now Kitty can be seen in different costumes and objects of the foot.A little later, there was a cat family - sister Mimmi, grandfather and grandmother, father and mother.Still she was allowed, Met pets - the kitten Charmmy Kitty, home Shabliu pig and hamster Sugar.And to make up its social life, for it came up with friends - Chokoketa, sheep Fifi, bunny My Melody and others.Today Kitty learn even outside its native Japan.There was a whole line of fashion, where the image of a small, cute faces put on clothing, backpacks, bedding, household items.About her shoot cartoons, and she is the heroine of many computer games.This funny cat is the embodiment of kindness and affection, and therefore in the Hello Kitty games online can be from early childhood, without fear of psychological trauma, which can cause other games to young gamers.Getting to know the virtual world, kids can get a lot of pleasure from contact with Kitty and get a lot of useful skills.In the games they learn to dress to pick odezhku cat, change her hairstyle.Coloring will meet the need for painting, and puzzles will develop the ability to compare the shape, size and color.Kitty online game - this puzzle designed for the age of young players.They will look for objects that pass quests, and still be able to build a farm and grow her vegetables, grains and flowers.Arrange the room, focusing on the taste - the dream of every girl.In games with Kitty it's real and we can arrange the soft colors.On the topic of a small cat is a game mahjong that teaches mindfulness and logic thinking.Game will have a similar impact on the type of "three in a row", where the children to have the same elements should be built into the chain to remove them from the field.Find the differences in the pictures and charge the same subjects over time, will require focus and watchful eyes.Spend time with Kitty fun, varied and good use.

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