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Established in the late 80's, the genre of computer strategy was simply doomed to success.He was, after the first game, the genre gained momentum, it began to develop, and now firmly holds the position in the game rankings.Strategies fall into a fighting game in real time (that is, the gameplay is not interrupted), and turn-based strategy battles.Turn-based strategy games are, ways in which the players make in turn.If you think about it, the first step strategy include games like chess.Indeed, in the chess player also controls not one figure, and moves are made at a time.And the strategies to combat mode in real time, all the players are at the same time, and as mentioned above - without stopping game play.Games of this kind, there is not a dozen, and, of course, they are all at each other a little bit like (some are not even a little bit).Therefore the focus should be only on the cult games, those whose ideas borrowed followers.Without going into the story, and not to think of the pioneers of the genre, the first note is a series of games «Heroes of Might and Magic» (in Russian interpretation of the "Heroes of Might and Magic").This series of games though and not become the founder of the genre, but it brought the ideas of other games to perfection, creating, in essence, the perfect product.The game has six complete parts of the game, and seven issued amendments to it.Originally, this game is released on handheld consoles from Nintendo, such as 3DO.But after the staggering success of players of all ages, it was released on the PC, then on Windows 95.The main advantage of the game was originally gameplay, its simplicity and complexity at the same time, did not play like the other.The player could lead the battle against the enemy army soldiers, and against evil monsters.The fighting took place on the set of maps (locations) that are perfectly drawn and tested, which also attracted the attention of the players.And, in turn encouraging them with new parts and extras.According to many, the best part of the series was fifth.It is here that the game has reached a level where it can be called perfect.On our website you can try for free to play heroes 5, and Find out if you like the game.You have the opportunity to become a general, and received the command of an army, you will be able to develop and improve.You can hire new recruits in the cities, to conduct the siege castles, and much, much more.Play around and you'll see why this is the game has achieved such heights, and so much liking the players around the world.

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