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If you want to feel like a really cool, open hockey games for free. In them you will find a real school of survival, because you will not have mercy on going. Slashing and collision at full speed - is part of the game, which guarantees her entertainment. A washer is not always enter the goal and, just like a magnet attracts to your teeth. Hockey players - is a favorite of dentists, patients, ensuring that they work regularly. Hockey is even called a game for real men. And this is true - no girl wants to beat her every day and left her bruises and contusions. To play hockey, you have to be a real fan of it, to be able to take a punch and bite the bullet. On the ice, not the place whimperers and sissy. If you can not stand the enormous burden not only physically but also mentally, better do something else. Hockey players outfitted in a severe form, and on the fight as gladiators. This is their element, and they can not imagine a different fate. But to be a fan of hockey, no need to play it yourself. You can be a fan or play hockey virtual, where you do not break your fingers, do not knock out the eyes and teeth, and other organs remain intact. In the world of online games, hockey is also divided into subspecies. In addition to classical themes, where the action takes place on the ice stadium, there are options of field hockey, table and air. Additionally, you can choose options for realistic simulation or a mini version. In the first case will be more spectacular, but also participation in the process will require a special effort. The situation in the field is constantly changing, and you need to keep track of events and become a full player on the team that she has won. The game is hard, and therefore, do not relax - let's fight back, keep the puck, make successful passes, to go on the attack and score goals. Do not forget that the strict judges watching your every move and dream to award the penalty. During an air hockey each participant protects the gate and tries to score a goal in the opponent's goal. The main thing to agility and speed of reaction. They will lead you to victory. And the number of goals scored and goals you will see on a special board. Hockey is not like classical. Here you see the massive players, protected to the teeth. Instead, the green "lawn" athletes running a mild, more like the players and with short sticks rolled the ball across the field, reminiscent of tennis. But this version of hockey love even the ladies in real life often women's teams. Among online games you will find many options of table hockey, which is popular not only among children but also adults who have a genuine passion, driving miniature hockey players in an iron box. Hockey - the dynamics, passion, anguish, kicks, competition and team spirit at the same time. Only concerted action will lead the team to victory and make her famous. Before the decisive game go some training, during which it is necessary to perform certain tasks. While running on the ice must score a goal. When the master of this technique, the gate will be the goalkeeper. Now the problem is more complicated, but that's not all. Soon as an enemy on the field comes another hockey player who will stand in your way, to bring the puck and make a decisive blow. Let hockey and brutal game in which no place for women, but the virtual version is available to everyone, regardless of age or gender. After all, there's not a virtual trauma. Get them though sorry, but it does not hurt.

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