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Modern animation, often difficult to surprise people.In our time in cartoons often seen violent, stupid, clumsy and crude humor, divorced from the background animation.We all remember the fantastic atmosphere of the old Disney cartoons, fun-filled adventures of the dynamic, pure, uncomplicated love and compassion for each other.But now more and more animators devote significant time and effort to create a 3D image for the film than the plot itself.Because of what the cartoons are meaningless and devoid of any benefit to the younger generation.World of kindness and joy fades from our TV screens.How exciting is that in an age of rapid development of digital technology and computer fantasy yet still have a cartoon studio, continuing to follow the traditions.These corporations include 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, created a wonderful cartoon "Ice Age", which has three sequels: Ice Age 2, 3 and 4.Amazing, spiced good humor, the story tells about the salvation of the human baby mammoth, contrary to what people have killed his baby-mammoth and family.And instructive story about the very bad reeducation saber-toothed tiger, and fun, which cheers from the heart.This story has a second story line, which can be described briefly in five words - the protein nonstop chasing an acorn.And all the time for the same.Sabretooth Scrat wants to take an acorn in continuous hysterical and throwing obstacles forcing very awkward and funny ways.It is not surprising that, in connection with the worldwide popularity of the trio Manfred the mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the tiger and the hilarious saber-toothed squirrel Scrat, many companies producing computer entertainment began manufacturing ice age games online.This site is also replete with games of this theme.Here you will find many varieties of passage in different areas at different times of day, as well as playing for the different characters.So you can continue to play according to the subjects of the first, the flagship, the movie, namely games Ice Age 3, Ice Age 2 and other games.Our ice age 3 games gladly give you peace of interesting developmental assignments and adventure, will create an unforgettable experience as a child and an adult.Spend time online and benefit from!On our site you will be able to play in the Ice Age 3 game and other games in the series for free.

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