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Show strength of his mind to almost all classes, including computer games.After all, even build a simple picture puzzle will not work if you do not strain the brain cortex.And what to say of the more complex intellectual entertainment?Now the mini-games offer the ability to stretch their thinking in many crosswords, puzzles, jigsaw puzzle.Many of them not only tests the ability of the mind, how to help improve them, to open up new levels of logical thinking.For example, a game with the search for differences between the two images.They develop attention, imaginative perception.They provide two seemingly identical pictures.But in fact they many unique items - another flower on the window sill, or folds in clothing, additional branch in a tree or a cloud in the sky.Carefully examined the drawings, you need to click on the differences to make the image the same.Fans of the classic game of "tag" will also do in the current flash games.There is also a copy of the game, in which you need to move the boxes with numbers, and alternatives, which is going to set the different figures or specific picture.General gist here is that the entire image is divided into a certain number of squares.They may change places with each other, or move to an empty cell.If you collect a sequence of numbers or a picture, the game will be won.Many intelligent games online repeat classic board games such as chess, checkers.No less interesting is the solution of logic puzzles to progress through the various quests, arcades and brodilok.Here, the success is not enough simply to press the button quickly keyboard, but you need to think through every action that character in the game can get to the exit of the level.For example, before the hero is a bottomless pit, which he can not jump.But hang on it different blocks - clicking on them with the mouse, you can remove some and make them to create a bridge.If you make a mistake, instead of the bridge will turn a pile of debris, which itself disappears into the abyss and will not help the hero.The mini-games there are many varieties of the classic Tetris.They are going to geometric shapes or put in a number of blocks of the same color.Here the player can see the front of a diverse set of images - changing them around to put together three or four identical, which then disappear and make room for new images.Mind games are available in this section of the site.This is not only fascinating entertainment, but also a great benefit to the development of the mind.

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