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In America, the story of Iron Man - the cult comic book character has gained enormous popularity in 1963.It was then that began to spread about the first comic book hero.Elsewhere in the world, "Iron Man" became popular after the release of two films about arms magnate and billionaire, who has created an incredibly powerful weapons and super suit of Iron Man.In the two Iron Man films brilliantly played by Robert Downey Jr..Perhaps because of his charisma and talent of the actor, the character became even more popular.Also, after the film became popular game iron man online, where the hero-billionaire will again take an incredible test and get out of various complexities.However, with his genius brain and virtually unlimited financial resources, any difficulties can be overcome.Iron Man game is once again proven.In the wake of the popularity of the U.S. comics were created not only movies and games, but the animated series about the adventures of a man of high armor.I would like to elaborate on the superhero "Iron Man," it is much more fun to play games with the hero, whom you know well.His real name Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark.He's handsome, darling of fortune, a genius inventor and a rich industry, which is developing weapons.One day he was kidnapped by villains who want to use it for weapons.First, Tony has demonstrated his willingness to cooperate with the kidnappers, and set to work.But all his strength he had sent to create the means to escape from captivity.They eventually created armored suit, which was equipped with a super high-tech devices.With the Iron Man suit, he managed to escape and return home.After that he has rethought its activities, and with his suit was to protect the weak and unarmed.Soon he appeared and the main enemies, which complicates his life.Many of the enemies you can see in games iron man.For instance, his enemies were the Mandarin, whip, Obadiah Stein, Justin Hammer, Crimson Dynamo or the Iron Patriot.Not all of them know the public.Perhaps in the future we will be able to watch movies most enemies Tony Stark, but as long as they can be recognized by the games on our site.Welcome to our website often, as we are constantly updating catalog of games and new games on a regular basis, as Iron Man, and on other topics.

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