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Blood. What do you associate with this word? Probably the same as everyone. That is pain, suffering, torment. Almost no one likes the sight of blood, no matter the human or animal blood. The sight of blood scares sickened and nauseated, and it does not matter if you see blood in person, or on TV. Frighteningly view both your own and other people's blood, but its definitely more. Fear of blood - this is a phobia, having the name gemofobiya. Fear of blood by both children and adults, both women and men. This is absolutely normal. Blood does not carry anything that could cause laughter and joy. But be that as it may, the blood - an essential attribute of almost all Hollywood blockbusters, modern and not very computer games, popular TV shows. Almost all people have a sense of fear at the sight of blood, but, nevertheless, try to contemplate it. The fact that the blood was a fundamental part of many films, and in particular games, a little scary. After all, what is a game? Many are not even able to answer, because the game - a game. And that's it. The game should be fun, interesting and give some emotion, whether it's the adrenaline, laughter and joy. But you fear - it is an emotion, and one of the strongest. Fear can open in a man is what he himself did not know. Bloody games are not for everyone, but for those who do not fear the sight of blood. But let us not dissemble, because fear had each of us. All of us in varying degrees, are afraid of something. And sometimes, on the contrary, life situations make sense to show aggression towards others. Who has not wanted to shoot his boss, who in the case and no matter insults and humiliates subordinates? Who does not want to deliver the torments of hell to those who had taken a loved one, or you feel betrayed? If every rummage in himself, he will certainly find something that might itself be frightened. Of course, these are just feelings and emotions. No one will shoot the head, for which demand from a fool? But sometimes a fantasy paint is not quite good things, and they are quickly forgotten. Blood online games can help you quietly and without harm to themselves and others to throw out the accumulated negative emotions, simply and quickly. And if you think about it, and what the game is not bloody? Any popular computer game contains elements of violence everywhere to kill people, and for that we are given a lot of ways. This course of shooters, very ill, but the most popular genre. So if you do not suffer gemofobiey, and your mind is in good order - Welcome to our site! Bloody games are mostly frivolous, made in cartoon style, and do not carry the realism. But kids these games still are not recommended for them here you will find a lot of the more peaceful and positive games.

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