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Food for humans is important.This is not only satisfaction of hunger and the "fuel" for the body, but also the culture, philosophy and way of life.Today in the shops we offer so many temptations that can resist them only with an iron will.If you do not restrain yourself, you can become a glutton, who will always have a bite and something to chew on, thus losing a slender figure, ease of movement and end up being a lot of diseases.But not only shoplifting food, which is harmful to the health of chemical additives, leading to disastrous results.If abused homemade cakes and calorie meal former can be easy to lose quickly.To avoid this, you must know the rules of cooking and eating.Not all products are permitted to connect to each other and not safe to eat them together.Another important rule - even if you are very hungry, do not eat a lot and fast.Trapeznichat slow, small bites and chewing them thoroughly.Even diet dish can saturate and harm the body.It is not necessary to chew a carrot - calorie meals will be delicious if you know how to cook.A meat lovers can also indulge in it for fear of poison or recover the body.Skillfully cooked meat dish enriches the useful proteins, minerals and vitamins.Every product is beneficial only if it is properly prepared and used in accordance with supply.And, of course, there's nothing better than home cooking.That is why it is important to be able to cook for themselves and their families.Girls learn the art of cooking from an early age, helping her mother in the kitchen.For them it is a kind of game that just eventually become a duty.But it so happened historically that the woman keeps the focus and it's quite extensive concept is cooking.If before kids played in the kitchen or in the yard with a toy house posudkoy, preparing cakes of sand and clay, cooking soup with dandelions and pouring cups of cocoa imaginary, now the game has taken on new opportunities, settling on the vast World Wide Web.Computer games are invited to visit the kitchen of her virtual space, not only girls but also boys.Who said they are not interested?Then who's leading chefs most restaurants?Who was the first to lead the culinary TV show?That's the same!It is men who set the tone in the kitchen and teach us to cook new dishes.That is why we will be happy to see visitors of our culinary rubric of representatives of both sexes.Games for girls will learn to navigate a kitchen in the name of food and handle them correctly.They are not difficult to remember the sequence of the recipe and liked cooking with their parents or sister to play it already in your kitchen.Diversify your table with new foods, you will please and surprise your loved ones.A simple dessert of fruit always cheer up your home.Each nation has its own original dishes.Having learned to cook them, you can discover a new taste treat them friends.In addition to the usual cooking, you can play the game kitchen, participating in cooking shows or competitions, battling for the title of Chef of the year.Become a cook at a fast food restaurant or as a waitress to take and deliver orders.Or you can develop your own coffee shop, buying new equipment, products, and furniture.Expanding your business, you will become a real business woman of the restaurant business.

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