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As seen from the title of the section in this category collected games dolls, which are central.Interestingly, these games are not only dedicated to the famous doll manufacturers, their gameplay is varied.As a rule, like to play with dolls, girls.After all, the doll can be nice to dress up, to arrange various holidays and simulate the situation of human life.In these studies flash games feature quite interesting.Selection of suitable clothes and accessories for dolls may take some time, but the result will be quite interesting.In addition, the dress will need to select a different cases: a walk, a trip to the beach, participating in parties.You can also create a doll make-up, picking up her makeup for this.In more benign variants can be created dolls pets, dress them, giving uniqueness.In other games, dolls act as projectiles.Thus, in one of the flash drives will have to run the doll to inflict damage on the level.Each level has a specific purpose - to destroy objects and score the most points.In addition to the dolls destroyers are also dolls shells.They run from special catapults.The goal - to fly as much as possible the distance, gathering in-flight variety of bonuses.Dolls can also act in the role and the athletes.In one of the games doll play volleyball.On each side of the field there is only one doll.As in the usual volleyball, the main objective is beating the ball from his half of the field at the same time trying to get the ball on the opponent's field.Interestingly, the movements of the characters resemble the motion puppets on strings - they are just as sharp and jerky.There's also a game in which the dolls are the main threat.For example, in one of the flash drives will have to fend off waves of zombie dolls rebels.Between the person and the dolls come to life a small barricade.If any doll destroy them, the character no good.That is why the need to demonstrate the accuracy and speed of reaction to hit accurate shots dolls.After the destruction of the creatures on the earth are the coins.Between levels, they can spend to improve weapons or barricades.In another game offers most to create a doll-monster to scare the little sister.Created a monster with the boiler, which can throw a frog, cheese, rock, spring, snail and many other things.What happens in the end is difficult to predict.The main thing that my sister could not handle the new monster.Although, in most cases harmless dolls she can not easily get rid of.That is why the experiment should continue.

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