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Maze game known to us before the advent of computers.In magazines and newspapers had special entertainment page where offered crosswords, puzzles and mazes.There were toys and pocket where you had to drive the ball in the center of the maze and bring it back.To a similar kind of entertainment people have always been passionate about and so, when only began to develop computer game products, games, mazes have become one of the first to come to market.Remember the game Pacman, where the yellow ball, devouring everything in its path, running either ghosts, or monsters, or octopus.If you do catch up, it means they're out of luck, and they were eaten when they caught up with you - wish you could enjoy your meal osminogo-monsters.This simple but very excitable process fascinated children and adults for hours.Today, on this subject have been many variations.The purpose of any of the labyrinth - to find way out.Unlike paper and handheld versions of the game, in computer-based maze inhabited by all sorts of obstacles to movement - leaping spikes, monsters, poisonous plants, hatches, debris and so on.In addition to the visual memory, you'll need to connect to the logic and reaction to get out of the history intact.That the task is manageable, in the corridors of the maze you will find support tools - swords, axes, light or fire tools, keys, and more.Another pleasant difference from the familiar to us in the pages of the press games are stories.To make the process fun, mazes acquired meaning and theme.Now you can take money maze and collect the coins and banknotes at different levels, to conduct robotic network circuits, and interstellar space ships on the corridors.Children will be difficult path near the comic book and cartoon characters, and players of the older generation will find a fascinating version of castles with a network of underground passages, complex maze of underground corridors of the pyramids and tombs.Gloomy caves pose a lot of dangers, and only a faint ray of lights you part of the way.And when you come on the heels of the zombies out of the closed space becomes a game of survival.Are common elements of magic and sorcery, and will act as barriers manifestation of the other world and black magic.Labyrinths of the subconscious is also not less dangerous and can make the dream in the most remote corners of our minds.Find the way out of the labyrinth means to get an answer that long trying to find.Minotaur story familiar to us from the legend, but now it was reflected in the same game.Becoming a knight, you'll navigate through the maze and find artifacts: shields, torches, keys, swords, potions door.All of this should help you in battle at a meeting with the enemy - poluchelovek-polubykom.Management is via keyboard keys, and the fight can not be called spectacular.The battle takes place without your intervention and the outcome is a fact of the defeat or victory.As for the graphics of the game maze is rare to find a three-dimensional image.This is mainly flat or pixel graphics, serving to focus on passing, not admiration.But if you want to experience more pleasure and aesthetic, then play «3D maze" and other colorful version, moving in color, constantly changing space.Search for a way out of the virtual labyrinth can be a symbol of the search for truth and solve their own problems.

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