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This game was one of the most popular in 1998, especially loved the lines play office workers, the game takes up little space and are spreading the Internet, and was also useful to sharpen the analytical part of the mind and logic.Game ball line, as they loved it was then called, was developed by a Russian computer scientists in 1992, the game development company «Gamos».In development are involved, then the programmer poorly, but universally recognized by Oleg Demin, Gennady Denisov and Igor Ivkin.After the release of this game for Windows, it has received new graphics and spread throughout the world and has become a classic, it was in 1995, thanks to the company AbrewSoft and again thanks to our programmers.They added a new 256 color graphics and interface panel there were two figures that come to life with the latest technology at the time.And the application relates to the arcades, the player field for placing balls 9x9 box, the essence of the game, hold out as long as possible by destroying balls, building them in the right combinations and winning record in the ranking.The standard version of the game began with three balls, which can be moved in any direction, if the path is not blocked by other balls to the desired point.After each turn the computer adds 3 balls in different colors, with 7 colors at random, and the player must build a line of balls of the same color, length of 5 balls, then they will be destroyed to make room, after the destruction of one line, the computer did not add beads once.The game can go on forever until the end moves, then there will not be space for new balls.Now to 98 lines to play online, you need a computer and the Internet, and before long the game tossed from computer to computer disks, but it's standing.Line ball game has received a lot of upgrades, and some of their processes options abandoned standard rules, add special features and game modes.Graphically, the game has become a new level, and is very different from the original game.Line play online on our website without registration and free of charge, as for many, this game has left only positive memories.This is a unique interesting project, which has received worldwide recognition.You have the opportunity to evaluate this legendary game that has a chance to return to the browser bookmarks with the new upgrades.

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