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Have their own stables with graceful stallions - the ultimate dream of every lover of these noble animals.But it is not cheap and so accessible units.But the game about horses for girls invite absolutely everyone to ride a virtual horse and look after her.This column contains the most wonderful games that can give you the pleasure of communicating with these beautiful animals.You can ride a frisky horse and jockey to become involved in the races.Crowds chanting your name, rooting for you and looking forward to victory.Before arrival, you can choose a horse, saddle and gear for yourself.Control animals is not the same thing as a car.Therefore, work out in the rider's skill before the race.To establish communication with the horse you have to play, pamper treats and care for her.Horses are very clean, but they do not have arms to comb his mane and tail, as well as to clean the body.That is what you have to do, and playing games for girls horse.You will be riding in which love to ride horses, jumping over obstacles and kicking the ball down.In the specialty store you can choose interesting and useful things that your friend will not be bored.Pony - it is also a horse, though small.This naughty and funny horse who likes to communicate with kids and ride them in the park or on the carousel.Ponies are often found in games of Bratz, Winx, Barbie and some other heroines.Often in such game versions, they look fantastic characters and can be painted in bright colors and woven into a long, luxuriant mane of multicolored ribbons, bows, fringe decorate colorful pins, and the body is put applique.Still found the game about horses online as quests.To bring a horse out of the stable, it is necessary to make a few manipulations of search-related items and use them in different places.Here it is necessary to include the logic and find a sequence of actions.Games for girls about horses include games coloring pages, where you can apply their talents and let the imagination, creating a horse of your dreams.So what, that in life there are no such horses, but it can be created in the virtual world!And if before you unicorn, the game turns into a story where magic only helps invent the most incredible way to his fantastic friend.Silvered his horn and gilt hoof to each hit them on the ground, he carved gold dust.In games, puzzles, too, there is no shortage.Gathering of mosaics, a horse, you know, from what she had come tales or see her frolicking in a meadow near a pond or galloping across the prairies.A search for the differences in the images or objects, will be an excellent occasion to develop their powers of observation.And if you've never heard the horses are able to sing beautifully and harmoniously, catching one another tune, then now is the perfect time to listen to them.By clicking on each singer at a time, you will enjoy the wonderful musical quartet.Games equine care offer you to take care of a couple of horses in the stables.They occasionally have the desire to eat, drink, and that you scratching his fur.And sometimes they are clumsy, spilling basin of water, but to stand in the swamp does not want to, and they want to get you cleaned spilled water.The game has several levels and passing each, you have to cope with all tasks and collect the right amount of player points.Playing with horses, you get very special experience of communicating with these beautiful, noble animals.

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