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For the inhabitants of Madagascar, probably upset that their state many consider cartoonish.Indeed, not everyone know that Madagascar is an island nation, which has more than 20 million people, own capital, the laws and the president.In the eyes of ordinary people, Madagascar is a cartoon.The cartoon, which became a bestseller.Heroes cartoon, shot studio Dream Works, loved by not only children but also their parents.It was on this beautiful island, the main events unfold cartoon, produced by Dream Works.Resounding success cartoon could not help to ensure that developers are instantly set about creating games based on the same hit.And their work was not in vain, because the games were not a big success.There are many parts of this series, and our site gives you the opportunity to play them.There is no fee to play games online Madagascar, Madagascar Game 4, Game Madagascar 3, Play Madagascar 2.These games will not leave you indifferent, and your children and all will be delighted.Games are a absolute charge of good mood, warmth and kindness.They have no evil, treachery and betrayal, which are abundant in real world.Madagascar, the world can be for you to vent this, a piece of fairy tales, in which all are kind and friendly, and even enemies in his own sweet and funny.Incredibly charming lion becomes your best friend, you will be able to dream with zebra Marty, learn optimism gippopotamihi Gloria, and made himself sick for a couple of giraffe Melmanom.You can test delighted to return home with them, because the story, they do not know what life in the wild, outside the zoo.You will be amazed by brilliant wit "gang" of penguins, laugh at the jokes of Alex, cry with dreamy zebra Marty.Everyone will find something in these games of their own, something that will make you smile, and even briefly escape from the worries and problems that have no exceptions.Madagascar playing online gives you the opportunity to please their children, because what could be better than the joyous laughter of the child?These games are free of violence, vulgar humor, foul language or promoting smoking and drugs.These games attract both children and adults, units.You will not regret the time spent on the game, because you can not regret the pleasure of past minutes or hours.Play, relax, have fun.If you are tired of the madding crowd, and you want at least a short time to visit the fairy tale - the world of Madagascar awaits you!

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