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Subject Land of the Rising Sun has always attracted its rich history, many legends, myths and mysteries.People have long been inhabiting this country, always struck us Europeans their equanimity and stony faces.It seems as if they are completely devoid of human emotion, and to present them in a game of chance or that it is very difficult.But be that as it may, it is the Chinese have come up with their own gambling - Mahjong.The history of this game is shrouded in mystery, but one of the myths is that the game came up with the great philosopher Confucius.Made to believe that he spread the game all over China during his travels.Is it really, we do not know, but if so, a huge thanks to him.Mahjong is a Chinese game truly, played chips, like dominoes.The game also uses cubes that makes the game good luck.The game itself is something vaguely reminiscent of poker, play it 4 people, every man for himself.The game requires players to think tactically skills, store counters, build strategy game.And, though the game and present the proportion of chance, it does not play a decisive role.Party games, mahjong, can last up to 3 hours.Despite the rather complex rules of the game, and the complexity of the process, the game today is very popular even outside of China.Play Mahjong online for free you can on our website.Mahjong may initially scare you with its complexity and unusual rules.But if you show patience, and looks into the essence of the game - play free online mahjong will be one of your favorite activities.Mahjong game online for free is not only interesting, but useful!Play free online mahjong develops memory, learns to think several moves ahead and develop your intuition.Learn how to play chess, you can learn to play it, and their friends, relatives and family.After playing with live opponents, talking and pereshuchivayas each other, much more interesting.The game is especially recommended to those who are interested in the history and culture of China.Just imagine a Mahjong game before Christ!In the time since then, the game has undergone some changes in the rules and the inventory for the game, but that it was just better.Many who heard about it, but few know what it is and how to play it.You have the ability to understand all of this, most feel that passion, which does not leave players out of the game Mahjong.Recognize the nature of chess, learn to play your family - and your holidays will get one more, interesting and useful pastime.

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