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Probably many of us, after watching another interesting film or cartoon attended feeling of disappointment.Not from the mediocre acting, or a dull story, no.Disappointed by the fact that there are no more opportunities to watch favorite characters, except that the revised again.But rescan not always fun, because the development is known in advance.But there is another solution.For it is through science, and game developers.Great many successful feature films or popular cartoons, there is a second (or even third) life in computer games.This fate befell Makvina Lightning, the hero of the popular series "Cars."This animated project, which was primarily designed for children, has got many fans, and in the face of adults.Makvin game, all fans of the series will once again plunge into a world of adventure, playing for his favorite.You will have the opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of drive and adrenaline, racing.Feel like a professional mechanic, doing repairs familiar cars.Or just enjoy the humor and interesting stories from the life of a beloved hero.Your child will be delighted when you ask them a game.After watching favorite cartoon undeniably interesting, but the opportunity to become a main character will again completely new way to look at the world of "wheelbarrows".On our site, you will have the unique opportunity to ride on the roads of California, but still not alone.The company will make you truck Mater, the great last racer Doc Ramon master tattoo, charming beauty, Sally, and many others.An interesting plot, lots of features and a huge variety of game selection of the favorite characters will not let you get bored.And even if many screaming about the dangers of computer games, and the dependence on them and so on - Makvin not belong to one of them.You will not see here the zombies, rivers of blood and screams of horror.No need to invent sophisticated assassination plots narkobossov.You'll just get positive sea, from essentially uncomplicated game.What other game gives you the opportunity to win the Piston Cup?Game Series "Cars" from other similar, differ by at least what the characters eyes are not on the spot lights, like the others, but on the windshield.Disneyland opened in a ride on the series.Also affects the scale of the plot.He can not be reduced to the banal driving a race, it's your chance to help find a new life a whole city!Once a great radiator City, can not return to its former greatness without the help of swashbuckling Makvina.So let him, and you lucky in this difficult matter.

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