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Try to remember how many of you know the games that are played not only children but also their parents?And, importantly, the parents play in your childhood?And be able to name a few offhand games, a character that has become so iconic that adorned his image even more lines of wallpaper for the walls?I think everyone will come to mind only Mario, Super Mario, Mario Brothers.No wonder all the names are written in capital letters, to write about such a character with a little - disrespect to the legend.A series of games about funny plumber probably the only one that is loved not only by children but also their parents, the latter even more.Because it causes a lot of memories and emotions from the past.Mario games, invented back in the 80's, many have special meaning.Someone remembers the childhood, someone young.But they all have one thing in common - the game about Mario for all associated only with good moments in life.On our site you can play Mario online for free, and to touch the legend.That's the legend, as the character of this game is the most popular hero of computer games according to Guinness World Records.Mario games online are notable in that it is named the game industry icon, and that it was the first game character, a wax figure is presented in the museum in Hollywood.Opportunity to play Mario online for free, allows you to relive those unforgettable moments that were once with a gamepad from the 8-bit consoles in hand.Talk about this gay guy in a suit, and his brother Luigi can be infinitely long.A lot of fans in your garden put the figure of flowers, which are found on the first level.The huge popularity of wallpaper for the walls, which display the image of the legendary arcade levels.But background music playing at all was something special.Only the desire to play this game, and still makes many fans go to the store and buy the old console is having a powerful home PC or a game console of the current generation.This game does not know the ages, but not by the game "for girls" and "boys", it is a kind of universal game for which there is no interference or hindrance.Even today, the company continues to produce Nibtendo game of the series, and most importantly, they are bought at a frantic runs.You can look at the ratings of video games sales, a simple graphics and the ability to play Mario, an order is ahead of some of the games, which contain advanced graphics and complex plot.Mario games to play for free will enable you to understand the reason for this popularity.If you've never heard of Mario - immediately try, you will not regret!

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