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Back in 2000 the St. Petersburg artist Oleg Kuvayev started drawing amateur cartoon, in which the main character was a character named Masyanya.It was at that time the former Soviet Union, the mass development of the Internet, and one of the symbols of this era was precisely Masyanya.Originally cartoon about the adventures of a big-Masyanya with three hairs on his head, spread among acquaintances via e-mail.Later, in the fall of 2001, the author of the cartoon register with a site that was dedicated to adventure Masyanya.The project has become very popular and off the Internet.And all thanks to the fact that Leonid Parfenov in his popular TV program "The Other Day" began to show new cartoon series.Masyanya later became a recognizable character.Surely everyone who wants to take full Masyanya Africa play now, remember that in addition to the cartoon Masyanya were several characters.They are friends Masyanya - Hryundel and Shaggy.In one of a series of animated television says that Masyanya and Hryundel were briefly married.Also some times Hryundelya called Alexander.Shaggy was the first to appear in a series of "Amsterdam".It is distinguished by a blue sports jacket and tan shorts.In addition Shaggy is a drummer in a punk band created Masyanya and her friends.It should be noted that the cartoon was created with Flash technology.It is not surprising that the cartoon created numerous flash games.On our site, anyone can play the game Masyanya free.And these games a lot.So, there are games for girls Masyanya, which you should dress up your character in different clothes.You can also recall the game Masyanya troubles and beach, which is an arcade game with the elements of the economic strategy.It Masyanya to help with the organization of a tropical beach.You must arrange a suitable place: to build barbecue, cocktail bars, a shop, as well as places to rent various beach equipment.The goal - to create the perfect beach vacation.There are other Masyanya games online.So one of them is a real musical simulator.It is Masyanya for DJ mixers.However, you can not just DJing, but also set a specific drum beat and rhythm with the bass.Supplement can tune a variety of sounds, keyboards, as well as a modest rap from Hryundelya and funny phrases from Masyanya.Therefore, these games on our website about Masyanya can move to a decade ago, when the cartoon was very popular and remember how it was.And the game itself is quite interesting.

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