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All of us remember well the fantastic movie trilogy "The Matrix."She won the hearts of many fans of the genre fiction.The film tells of no known hacker Neo, who began to question the existing laws of the world and became a little bit to find answers to their questions.So he went to the people who knew about the matrix, or more precisely, the people came to him.Throughout the film guy had not very sweet.The endless pursuit of agents in black suits and constantly growing sense of danger.The guy was pretty strong and stubborn, as a result gave him the chance to fight for the real world.And yet, the story of flash games is not much different from the movie.We have to fight with a lot of agents, immortal software as a man, who can only win Neo.But to deal with them have a guy completely unarmed, but occasionally you can find some weapons.The general atmosphere of the film remained in the game.Good portrayal of the characters and do not get bored quickly because the player.Matrix Games - a mixture of fighting games, puzzles and action.Help the hero to defeat all enemies.Matrix Games to find his lover, and possibly the number of games of this kind several times to increase.And while you are offered to enjoy your favorite characters and games based on the remarkable film.If you are a connoisseur of movies and do not mind their themes in the games, the game matrix for you.Games will give you the opportunity to take your time and relax from everyday problems.Control of the game and the interface is very comfortable.Do not need long to think of a combination of a dozen keys, you need only the mouse and arrow keys on the keyboard, in some games, two more keys.You run the game at a convenient time for you do not need to pay money or download stodgy software.However, and the fans will appreciate the Matrix game on merit.They will become the biggest critics of gaming's favorite film.Do not you wonder what really works in the world around us.Possible, and, indeed, it is subject to a single global program that controls our imagination, allowing you to see the world as it is outside the window.And all our friends and family just a figment of our imaginations.Find the truth with Neo, helping him throughout his journey.You will have to meet with yourself in search of a single truth.You will find in neo reflection of yourself and you will sympathize with him the whole game.Try it for yourself, what is the harsh reality and the way things actually in our world.

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