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Every year, magazines, specializing in computer games are some rankings that show what games were the most popular genre among gamers.And in each of these ratings, always in the leader genre "shooter."This fact is understandable, given that the bulk of the players are male.Yes, men of war and blood lust in the blood, and these can not be helped.All long to live with it, and the developers of computer games and learn more on this to make money.Shooter is a game in which the player with the help of various weapons to defeat the enemy and fulfill the purpose of the mission.The theme for the shooter, the story itself is the game at first sight is easy to come up, because it would seem that the main aim of the game is war.But mindless shooter long pall all players.Everyone understands that the fight is much more interesting when there is a story, story, telling his story.Thoughtless destruction of the enemy has long ceased to cling players.So the developers are trying to please everyone, so that you can shoot from the heart, and the story made the players genuinely love their heroes, and experience with them.The theme for this game can be a lot of events, the benefit of human history is replete with wars, and in extreme cases, war can think of.But there is no need to invent a war, even when fresh in the memory of the Great Patriotic War.That it was the basis of the game series "Medal of Honor" released on PC and console.To understand the history of the game, to know the story, you can play online Medal of Valor on our site.The game is perfect to all who appreciate the feat of soldiers who fought against Nazi Germany.We were at that time had not yet been born, and our grandfathers shed their blood and others in the field.The game will show you how it was, and give yourself the opportunity to confront the enemy.Of course, no game, or even a movie, can not convey the horror and filth of events of those years.But if you're a fan of shooters, and the war on fictitious opponents tired - this game will brighten up your leisure.Moreover, that made this game famous director Steven Spielberg.In the late 90's, when the screens went to the movie "Saving Private Ryan", he realized that the events of those years are not forgotten, and people are still interested in WWI.The idea of ​​creating the game come to him suddenly, and he had no experience in such matters.But something told this maitre cinema that this project will be successful.He has not lost, and this franchise has become history.And, despite the fact that today there are many other, something even the best action games - game series Medal of Honor will remain forever in the hearts of many gamers.

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