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Walt Disney is full of treasures and creates the most recognizable characters in the world.Mickey Mouse was always sparkling and cheerful, turning it into a business card studio.He was born in May 1928, and until 1947, says the voice of the founder of the studio - Walt Disney.Mickey made his debut in the movie "Mad plane", but since the first attempt was a success, then other sources say the date of birth is associated with a mouse cartoon "steamer Willie," which was released in November of that year.Mickey's first cinematic samples were very modest, and he appeared in short animations.But over time it had taken off on the animated feature, he gained fame in comic books and has appeared on related products in the form of the logo on caps, T-shirts, cups and other products, and Mickey Mouse games have become a natural extension of a career funny little mouse.How did this popular character, Mickey surrounded by friends and it can be often found in the company's Pluto, Minnie Mouse and Goofy, Pete, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale.They get along very well and complement each other.Stories about Disney semeika filled thin educative moments to help children see the difference between good and evil manifestation of nature, to find a fair solution and become a patriot.Online Games Mickey Mouse offer children to come into contact with your favorite characters and feel a part of his world.Any game genre and the plot full of kindness and enthusiasm of Mickey.He always appears in the same positive way it was created Walt Disney.Love for sports games is shown in the relevant subjects, and at the Mouse you drive in cars, trying to win the race, play soccer, hockey, air hockey, basketball.At the same time during the races have to be unlocked all sorts of obstacles.Putting together a little mouse new records, you yourself become nimble and quick.Games for observation will help you get quality detective, able to see even the smallest detail.You will find Mickey Mouse on the city streets, filled with other Disney characters.Solving mathematical problems were with Mickey becomes a entertaining game.But the task must decide quickly and correctly to earn a perfect score.Choose the correct answer among others, and click on it.His girlfriend Minnie will prepare lunch in the cafe, and Mikki their spread.Working harmoniously, you will achieve great results, earning player points and virtual money.Mickey loves to travel, and you can go with him, going on a treasure hunt.Being kind nutty, considering the beauty around, mouse forgets to look down and kept falling.Support it and decide together with the puzzle.Recalling his debut in the movie "Mad plane", Mickey was back in the black and white world, but now the game.He controls the aircraft, and the bricks are falling from the sky and torn shoes, from which it is necessary to turn aside, but do not forget to collect bonuses and bombs.Mikimaus games online - it is also art.Painting the black-and-white picture, you'll be one of the artists working on the creation of the image of cheerful little mouse and his fervent friends.It is still possible to create a drawing himself before his paint.Do not be afraid of failure, because the bad line and touch that can be corrected by deleting the eraser and draw a line again.The end result is available for print, and if you click on the hat Mickey, you'll see a funny piece of animation.

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