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Who does not want to join the ranks of millionaires?Even if you are not among the mercantile persons, had fallen down a million or two, will make your life much more attractive and rich.There will always be the desire to await their turn to be implemented, and the financial stability would be beneficial for their implementation, accelerating the course of events.But the most enjoyable moment in the enrichment process would be the fact that you have earned it with their knowledge.But before going to conquer the Olympus real intellectual games, work out in the millionaire online game to play on our site, which gives you a unique opportunity to hone their erudition and speed of decision-making.TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"Quickly became one of the most favorite among the viewers from the time in 1999, first appeared on the NTV channel, though the original name of« Who wants to be a millionaire?"Changed, calling the program" O Lucky Man!".Having started as a play to become a millionaire, you can experience the atmosphere of the studio filming and understand how difficult it is to focus in close to you attention, despite the fact that the issues is not easy.You will need to demonstrate knowledge in the art and science of different directions, sports and other areas.Fifteen questions will be accompanied by a set of four possible answers to each of them.Knowing the correct answer will make your task with the choice, but if in doubt, you are free to choose the help of the hall, call a friend or a variant 50-50.Choosing the latter option will clean off the field two wrong answers, leaving for your consideration one right and one wrong.If you want, call a friend for help, you are given thirty seconds to talk.So the choice of the hall is also a good option - the people in the audience will make the choice, and on the board you will see a percentage, as their opinions are divided.He answered that he who has the most votes, so it may be true, that will help you win the round.For warming up, at the very beginning of the game, the questions are easier than the next.It excites passion, lift your spirits and mood for a winning mood.However, do not let my guard down, because the issues are quickly becoming more complex, not letting you relax.Each correct answer is you replenishment game points and fill your virtual wallet.But in order to successfully complete all the levels are complex issues that need to be a real nerd.So, the basic level will bring you profit from a hundred to a thousand rubles.The level of average difficulty is nominated for two to thirty-two thousand, well, you enrich the most complex full sixty-four thousand - a million rubles.Become a virtual millionaire is also very nice.Suppose you do not feel the crunch notes under your fingers, but you have approved in their own intellectual abilities or fill knowledge gaps with new information.The game can be rather a stimulant that will awaken a desire to open a new book or consult an encyclopedia.That is the true wealth of knowledge that is always with you and it can not be stolen.Millionaire Online play will be an additional impetus to the improvement of the already acquired skills and their ability to proekzamenovat.The kids will also be able to become a millionaire as a play, where the rules are taken as a basis, but with adaptations to their questions.But for adult gamers have come up with a version of the game erotic bias.

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