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Style and fashion are inextricably follow us throughout life.In infancy and old age is not so noticeable, but as soon as the baby grows up, the mother usually pays the lion's share of time on the selection of clothes for the baby.Growing up, we develop your own style or submit a fashion.Fashion - a cult of words that cause flutter of girls young and old.Fashion for teens - a measure of status and awareness in the field of life foreign glitterati.The vast number of young people, both in our country and around the world, can not live without shopping, new hairstyles, glamorous manicure and bright, catchy makeup.Girls of school age are in love with this particular cultural phenomenon.Blestyashki, pastes, varnishes, heels young passionate desire the feminine.But some fashion for something, whether it's clothes, hair styling or colors, often rapidly changing over time and after a year my daughter is begging all fresh and new.As fashion in understanding adolescents are not only items of clothing, but also jewelry, costume jewelry, and even rich interior decor.This is expensive and often difficult to implement in real life (if we talk about the periodic change home decor), but remarkably modeled using computer games.Like Barbie, fabulous beasts or witches?Or maybe your kids are fans of movie stars, and can not breathe without the daily news from the life of your idols?Maybe your kids want to know what to expect tomorrow, what adventures and experiences they have mysterious lines on your hand or that portend a star?Horoscopes, composed specifically for girls, the signs of the stars and palmistry are happy to help inform your child.Against the background of a desire to identify their preferences, teenagers love to run all sorts of tests or, alternatively, to make them.In this fascinating process you and your children can help the game testers that are present in a wide variety, ranging from "What is your favorite color?"Or" Define your best dress "to" Know your character "and" What a subculture you most suitable?".This multiplicity of fun games just will not allow your child to miss!

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