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How many people, so many preferences.Some elect comedy, other militants, and some horror.And it does not mean that fans of horror dark by nature people, and those who love comedy - clowns for life.Completely different character people may prefer the same genre, but that's no reason to believe that they are indifferent to the other styles of cinema or computer products.And combining comedy, action and horror, you can get a brand new, unique creation that satisfies many tastes.Still, the genre in its purest form is always eye-catching certain people.Fans of adrenaline never pass by new items and carefully examine it.These experienced users looking for all the fear of new experiences and opportunities to experience the real horror.It is for these horror fans, open our column "monster game."The authors of such products have beaten various situations that cause fear.They regularly produce otherworldly forces to fire into the world of the living.Turn people into zombies, vampires and grant superhuman abilities, obtained as a result of environmental or scientific disaster.Nature gets up on his hind legs, and alive trees, insects and sea creatures grow to incredible sizes.Home appliances to acquire the ability to think and begin to live their lives.From space, we arrive to the aggressive organisms wishing to destroy mankind and conquer the planet.Technological accidents whole communities turned into ghost town and mutants.Even a common operation for human organs makes patients able to see and hear what was previously available to them, and the line between the world of humans and spirits is erased, making the mediums of the gate through which the ghosts come to us.For those who have nerves of stress emit only a slight ringing or small intestine, creating a truly scary game: Dead Space, Dead Rising, STALKER., BioShock, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and those close to him.Monsters games are rich in dark scenes of terror and thirst, certainly receive their portion.Fear of stealing your shadow, trying to get into not only a shirt, and under the skin.If he settles in you, it is not easy to drive.Would not even dream of salvation, because it most closely approximates to the other world.The game "Nightmare Adventures» (Nightmares the Adventure) with sequels open to you surreal world where there is no certainty of success.The little boy must unravel family secrets, but the solution lies in the subconscious.Steeped in fear every night, he must avoid monsters who laugh behind his back and creep ever closer.If you do not turn back time, they caught him, and he will remain forever in the world of nightmares.Especially dangerous is to Halloween.At this time the monsters of all kinds and classes out of the deep holes and attack people.It is difficult to determine where people dressed, and where the real evil.However, not all games are so horrible monsters.Scooby Doo meets frequently ghosts who chase after him, but he was not much harm is applied.Pokemon monsters though, but it is peaceful and even cute, and Yeti only depicts evil monster, but really funny and hilarious.He just likes to attract attention, that finds adventure on its own, and your head.Flash games with monsters look not scary.Funny adventures await players around every corner, but should not be afraid.As a general rule, is that you're out to get them and destroy livestock monsters.

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