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What do high school students and students in the classroom when they are bored?That's right, look at the screens of their smartphones and hang on social networks.And what do the students in this situation even ten years ago?That's right, playing a variety of games that required only pen, paper-free neighbor at the desk and a little imagination.One of these was a fun game "Battleship".However, even today it is possible to play in the sea battle online.Thus, we can in the sea battle game online, and you can do it and the old rules of the game remain the same.Play "Battleship" the two players.They try to sink each other's ships.Each player draws a piece of paper on his two field size of 10 × 10 cells each.At one of the fields to place their ships on the second floor is pounding.Each cell of the board is numbered (horizontal) and marked (vertical).Rules allow you to use different layout schemes fields, but this must be an agreement before the game.So, on the game field to accommodate 10 ships: Four-one (takes four tiles in a row), two triple-decker (three cells each) and three double-decker (two cells in series) and 4-deck ship (one cell).It is worth noting that when placing your ships on the field of play, they can not touch each other, not even diagonally (unless otherwise specified in the rules).Allowed as options when the ships are built, not only in number but also bends.Once the ships were deployed as simple games and online games sea battle develops into battle.This means that each player in turn strikes blindly on the map to the enemy.To do this, call your opponent certain coordinates (horizontal and vertical) and get an answer about the gunfire.The result can be two: miss - in this case you can leave a message on the cell that the ship is not here, in the course of this case goes to the other player.If the point of this player is the enemy ship from a single cell, then say the word "kill."Otherwise, you may injure the ship.After a successful hit the player can make another move.Thus, the game lasts as long as a player does not sink all the enemy ships.Interestingly, online games sea battle may be some variety of gameplay.For example, a player may be available to special types of ammunition that can detect enemy ships within a certain radius.Or other devices, which bring in a new gameplay experience.In addition, the virtual "Battleship" you can play one player, fighting against the computer, and select the appropriate level of difficulty.

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