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Long backgammon is one of the popular varieties of backgammon, which requires competitors to lead the fight and combinational ability to think strategically.In the long backgammon love playing around the world, and if the opponent is hard to find a living, you can always play online backgammon long on our site.As in conventional backgammon, backgammon in long played by two players.Games will be played on a special board, which is divided into two parts.Early in the game, each player has 15 checkers and certain non-checkers opponent color.To implement moves are special dice - Zara.The championship course is determined by throwing dice - who number more, and he goes first, using the white pieces.Each move is by moving pieces on a number of items, based on the amount of numbers shown in Zarah.Zara to throw out a special cup, it is also important to remember that after throwing the bones should be on the board until the next turn.It should be noted that the movement of pieces performed in strict accordance with the number of points, throw the Zarah.In that case, if the hole is already in the desired block an opponent, this place can not put his sword.The player must be like so as to use all the points, even if such a move will be made to the detriment of their positions.Thus, the main objective of the game is to get all the checkers on the board in a circle counterclockwise before opponent.At the end pieces have to go to "home", and then they need to be "thrown" before the same procedure will take place contender."House" is called New Moon board game for each player.With regard to the process of "throwing" pieces at the end of the game, its essence is to make the sword the stroke at which it is outside the board.It should be noted that the "throw" his sword only when all the pieces are in the "house."Long backgammon have their differences from normal.First, in the beginning of the game there is a different initial alignment.Second, you can not shoot down bombs, that is not allowed to put his sword in the same place, where there is at least one man opponent.Third, you can lock the opponent checkers.You can do this by placing six of his pieces before the enemy with his sword.Fourth, backgammon checkers opponents move towards each other, the long - in one direction.Due to the above features, the long backgammon gained great popularity among players.As for the flash version of the game, that can be played against the computer, and choose the right level of difficulty to achieve the best gaming experience.

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