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Naruto - this is one of the most famous anime movies.It has dozens of series and millions of fans around the world.Naruto - a story, called manga, conceived and drawn by Japanese manga artist (writer) Masashi Kishimoto, who was drawn to anime version.The essence of the cartoon is that the little boy will fatal destiny to wear a sealed demon - Nine-fox.One day his father trying to save his family and the village, where he lived all his family, sacrificed his life, sealing spirit beast in his newborn son.He thought he would make of Naruto hero who saved the lives of hundreds of people, but a minor boy was seen as creatures of darkness, saw him as a demon and hated it.Thus, their particular boy learned years later.Throughout the series Naruto punishes bad characters who are trying to capture the place where he lives, find new friends, learn about yourself more and more.Trying to control the power, in its conclusions, it develops, learns the secret arts of Ninjutsu, exams and fit into a variety of adventures.In the group of the same gifted as he is, he finds his love and tries to help to set foot on the wrong path and the other fights, fights, fights.Effect of all the Naruto series is set in a fictional world, much like the feudal Japan.In this world, there is no large states, fiefdoms controlled by independent rulers, live as independent units.Also, in the world there are hidden villages - the place of settlement ninja used rulers as military forces and special forces.Despite the fact that firearms and military equipment in the world is there, there are a variety of cameras and sensors.The movie characters are fighting with swords, katanas, and syurrikenov forces (special features) contained in them, sent chakras (magical energy) seals and signs (gestures to control these energies).World of Naruto - is interesting, because Naruto games online so common.Naruto can play, everyone from young to old.After all, now known hero anime and manga series Naruto passes all its tests with you in a flash game naruto.You will need to fight the enemy ninja, Naruto to bring up the final phase of adventures, completing tasks for which he was sent to the Hokage (elders Hidden Villages), and defeat all his most ardent enemies.Everyone is familiar with online games now play naruto games naruto online is completely free.

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