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"Well, wait a minute!"Is one of the most famous cartoon characters, created in the territory of the Soviet Union.Funny story about the relationship between heavy rabbit and the wolf has become so popular that decades after the premiere of the first series was released electronic game, in which the wolf catches the egg.A few decades there have been numerous games for free, well, wait a minute that you can play on our site.The first series of cartoon "Well, wait a minute!"Was shown in 1969 in the program" Merry Go Round ".Interestingly, the latter at the moment and the twentieth series in a row was released in 2005.Thus, it appears that each new cartoon series in the average yield of almost every two years.Now it is difficult to imagine that such a legendary and iconic animated series to acquire the new series so slowly.Nevertheless, it is.The plot of the animated series is based around a very controversial relationship between the two main characters - the Wolf and the Hare.Wolf is shown as a bully that can destroy the museum exposition, to waste, to sneer at others.Virtually every series wolf hurting the weak and behaves as how not to behave.Wolf in the animated series is easily recognized by their appearance.So, he wears pants sailor-bottoms, except for episodes in which appears in tracksuits.Hare is portrayed as a seemingly goody.He is an example of the diligent student of Soviet times.Hare active sportsman, participating in art activities, a young technician.Interestingly, in the beginning of each series are not satisfied with the behavior of the Wolf Hare, so it wants to grab him while shouting the phrase, "Well, wait a minute!".True, for a series of wolf and can not really get to the Hare, so series ends with the phrase "Well, Hare, well, wait a minute!".In addition, Hare, apparently does not see Wolf intentions as threatening his life cleft.Rather, it refers to them as his tricks.Many children decades ago literally dreamed of a portable electronic game with LCD screen "Elektronika IM-02" called "Just you wait!".The game had to manage the Wolf cartoon and catch the eggs in a basket, which rolled on four trays.Over time, the speed of the game increases.If you drop three eggs, then the game is over.This game actually adds interest and competitive nature.Well, if a child has not managed to get a coveted game "Elektronika IM-02", now have an opportunity to play well, wait for free on our website.After all, here placed a replica of the old game with the exact same graphics and sounds.

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