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Dolls - the best friends of all girls at all times. Once upon a time these toys for the children's parents do with their hands and straw and improvised, then learned to cut wood, and gradually, over the centuries the production of dolls has grown into a powerful industry. Now the offer dolls for girls dizzy, and demand for these toys do not dry out. The appearance of Barbie dolls, twenty years ago, has caused a revolution in the minds of children and their parents. Doll baby was feminine and beautiful, it can be dressed up in different clothes and doing her hair. Little girls feel the real designers, and were sold on a doll. But things are changing, and all must obey volatile trends in demand. That Barbie doll a bit outdated, and demanding kids got bored just play with her. I want something new and interesting. Doll manufacturers quickly responded to this trend, and girls ten years have the opportunity to enjoy the game with unmatched Bratz dolls. Was originally released in four different Bratz dolls. They highlight the fact that each of them is an individual and the individual, each its own character, its own history, its own style of clothes, makeup, accessories and hairstyle. These dolls are very modern, audacious and capricious. This turn of events came to taste the target audience, and Bratz dolls were first among the most popular. Soon, in addition to the four main dolls were many other Bratz characters that immediately became very popular. All this could be reflected in the gaming industry. A huge number of online games with Bratz dolls. The most popular of them - it's a game for girls Bratz dress. These games are very interesting, because they can choose their child is one of the Bratz dolls, which looks like, or in nature, and create a new image with the clothes, hairstyles and accessories. The flow of creativity and imagination has no boundaries! Totally free dress up games Bratz allow small fan of these dolls, virtual chat remove. Specifically, to help choose outfits for different occasions: at a party, a date or a walk that will make the most beautiful heroine and irresistible. Some games even have a function to evaluate the result, which will allow the player to understand, to aspire to. Bratz dress up games are very fashionable, stylish and bright, the same as their main characters. Touch the world of style and fashion, and feel like a real fashion designer.

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