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It is generally believed that water and fire together incompatible.But through a series of games of the fire and the water, you can be sure that this is not the case.Fire and water play online will allow you to understand that in some situations, the two antipodes can not live without each other.Simple plot (or rather its absence), simple graphics (do not forget that this flash game), and the absence of any features except jump and run, at first glance, had lower popularity of the game.But let's look at why it turned out differently.Weak schedule?Well, first of all, again, this flash game.Secondly, it is a platform game genre.Games of this type of beauty images to anything, it is enough that the picture was just pleasing to the eye.No Plot?And why should he?In this game, everything is clear from the very beginning, it is immediately clear to the nature of the game, and that's fine too.And if you take into account the fact that the game is intended for children and does great.Weak gameplay?Here again, it is worth remembering that this platformer.At first glance, the game seems to be as simple as two pennies.Games Fire and Water 2, Fire and Water Game 3, Game 4 fire and water all boil down to one thing: you have to run through the levels and collect diamonds.It would seem that difficult?But you fall into a stupor on some levels of the game.At first glance it may seem that it is impossible to pass.And alone, fire or water, it is really an impossible task.This is where lies the "trick" of the game.You have to manage two characters, a girl water and boy fire.The main feature is the fact that you have no choice.Do you want to or not, you have to play with two characters.So designed that one in this game is not a warrior.All levels are dotted with pools of red lava, falling into the water that the girl dies.But then comes to help her partner, Fire.For him to swim in a pool of boiling lava, anyway, that for his girlfriend in a pool of water, which in turn deadly for the Fire.Such is a puzzle game.But the passing game is not limited to the commonplace overcome various pools.At various levels are lifts, door levers.And to get up at some level, it is necessary that one of the players standing on the button that activates the hoist.So uncomplicated way, the game teaches children reciprocity.The game is not the spirit of competition, it is impossible to win one, this is only possible together.Show this game to your children, and you can play it yourself.This is a great way to dispel the myth that water and fire can not be together.Let's play it is only a metaphor, but its display can be found in real life.Let the kids play the game, and the house is full of ringing laughter!

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