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Each with a different understanding rest, but even hard-core couch potatoes sometimes want to leave the walls of an apartment or house mother to go on a nature that in its diversity of landscapes, offering different features.You can have a picnic in the meadow, scuba diving, skiing, a tent town to the beach, in the mountains, fishing, hunting for mushrooms or wild beasts, as well as images of colorful landscapes.Each way to relax in nature has its pros and they all charge the energy and vivacity for the week ahead, when again have to return to work or school.But if some people are attached to nature from time to time, that is real, hardcore professionals.Going to the nearest body of water, you will see how its coast is dotted with fishing.Each of them keeps its secrets of cooking mastyrki, bait, tackle.When buying a new fishing rod and gear to it, the fishermen, the process requires tenderly and with skill.But going to the bank, they know the secret place where the fish are biting, especially furiously!Since hunting is not the case less recklessly.While waiting for the opening of hunting game, fans of the entertainment outfit lead in order and study maps.How many tales walks among fishermen hunters!Everyone has a story to tell, and tell of terrible, mysterious or funny story.And the trophies they have, of course, is always very large and numerous.It went on this hobby for good reason, as this column offers game hunting and fishing.These gambling scene, you will find plenty of ways to indulge in a favorite pastime in many situations.Fishing is particularly rich in suggestions and ready to provide you with equipment for underwater fishing of fish entirely peaceful, as well as dangerous to your precious health.Shoot a harpoon from a shark, torpedo, whale, a giant octopus and other animals in the depths, it is not easy.They can decide what you are offering them a toothpick and ready to enjoy a meal prior to your oral health.If you do not want to risk it, go to a scenic spot on the boat, a boat or a boat to fish for exotic fish from the vessel or moored to the shore.Perhaps the mass harvesting of fish you also seem interesting?Then go on a long voyage on a fishing boat as an engine and pull the catch nets, sorting fry right on the deck.And the world of the apocalypse has turned everything upside down.Now you can catch in the pond so that it is not dreaming in a nightmare!Once considered a royal hunting fun.It was attended by the aristocracy for which game drove beaters.A special valor lay the animal is not considered a firearm, and using a hunting knife.Also used bows, snares, traps, hidden holes and hunting, as well as fishing, sluzhila people to eat.Played with all of these capabilities in our games, and you can become a medieval hunter and aim at a deer archery or fishing sharpened stick, a net or just bare hands.Game hunting and fishing excellent entertain professional hunters and fishermen, as well as amateurs who come to this lesson now and then.In addition to the usual instruments of these classes, you can equip the camera and go in pursuit of images of rare animals and exotic fish.Beauty of their environment will create a bright, beautiful background and your work may be of interest owners zoological journals or books for the traveler.

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