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All the people in this or that rely on luck and intuition.When a person stands in front of a choice, and he does not know what decision to take, he often chooses what he tells gut feel.All envy successful people, many consider themselves unlucky.Luck is undoubtedly important, but it is much better when there is confidence in their actions, and some experience or knowledge.There is not one broadcast, the show where participants are offered the opportunity to win a lot of money, relying on his knowledge or intuition.One such show is "O Lucky Man", later called "How to become a millionaire."The rules are simple in the extreme - you need to answer a number of questions, and if all the answers are true, you get a prize.All questions are random, you do not even given the right to choose a category that will treat the issue.Also, you always have the opportunity to stop the game at any stage, and do not compete for the grand prize.But there are few who take the prize, and the game continues.After all the excitement serious thing, and, sadly, it often fails.So in the game show "What Luck", for all the time-it on the screen, no one managed to win the grand prize, one million rubles.Not everyone knows, but this transfer is stopped publishing in early 2001.It became the progenitor of the now popular show, "How to become a millionaire."The biggest lucky then was a resident of Moscow, which has managed to win 500 000, refusing to fight for the top prize.If you also want to test how much you know, and accompanies you luck - you'll need about a lucky play online.Yes, the real prize you certainly do not get, but that's the pleasure of the game you just will not deprive anyone.You are able to try to help the hall, answer 50/50, call a friend.About a lucky online game play, interesting and will help you to spend your free time to check your level of learning.If you are tired of brodilok, shooting, running through the levels and the implementation of various quests - this game is definitely for you.It is only at first glance it seems that there is no big deal.Did you try the first time to win 1 million points, and did not make a mistake.If you are a normal, average person, you will fail.But that will not stop and do not piss on the contrary, have a desire to try again and again to reach the coveted prize.With this game, you can learn a lot of new facts of engineering, biology or chemistry, history or mathematics.Increase your erudition, win super prizes, have fun.May luck does not leave you for a moment, in this exciting game.

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