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Invention of the automobile is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of the human mind.With the advent of the first cars, human life has changed dramatically.We face new opportunities, hitherto seemingly impossible dream.With the advent of the car, life would be otherwise.A host of new, in-demand professions - mechanic, car mechanic, designer.Steel is cost gas station, auto parts store there.Over time, the car has firmly taken its place in the sport, after the Formula 1, rally and various other types of racing cars.Of course, today, car made a big step forward in its development, and the concept car become a part of our lifestyle.We all use a taxi, many have private cars.Machines have become part of our everyday life and modern life can not be imagined without this miracle of technology.But, as we all know, everything is good in moderation.City streets are literally full of trucks.It is felt most acutely in large metropolitan areas, where the so-called "rush hour" in the streets of many kilometers of traffic jams formed, and people can get a few hours to work.It is in these cities parking problem to the forefront.The streets of the big cities are so clogged with cars that find place near a shopping center, office, big campaign, hospital or other public places - sometimes hopeless.To squeeze the car for free parking "spot", the drivers go to such tricks, curry on the pavement such pirouettes, which sometimes can not believe my eyes.Park your car in a limited space the strength is not for everyone.Carelessness in this situation may cause you damage, and his and other people's car.Would you like to practice in the parking lot, without risking their own and other people's transportation?The ideal solution would be for you to play online parking.Parks on cars, trucks or become a driver.Start with simple tasks, and work up to levels that are at first glance you may seem overwhelming.Be careful, because you will need a jeweler's precision to put the car so as not to touch the fence of parking, and standing next to a car.If that fails, you can always start again, without risking your money and cars.Just do not repeat this at the wheel of this car, because there nobody will give you a chance to start all over again, and at stake is not a failed level of play, and the risk to the real world.

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