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Recently, many are interested in what is Parkour?Many young people are constantly talking about him.The essence of the sport is to move gracefully and overcome various obstacles.People who engage in this extreme sport can jump from one roof to another, nice to overcome various buildings, and even a "run" on the walls.This is not just a new sport, but entertainment, which brings young people a fair shot of adrenaline.In addition, a new subculture.Many teenagers, and sometimes more mature guys are going in the city, in order to seek and negotiate on the streets all the new obstacles.Of course, from such entertainment is simply breathtaking, but this is often a recipe for trauma surgeons, because it is a dangerous occupation.Such breathtaking stunts that do urban traceurs (people doing parkour) is close to that performed by professional stuntmen.Only stunt during the filming well insured, and in Tracy, at best, will be wearing only elbow and knee pads.Therefore, if you do not want to jeopardize their health, it is better to play parkour games sitting in the chair.Such games are devoted to extreme acrobatics, and, here, the main thing is not to fall off the chair when you perform a trick.If you always entranced gaze watched tracers tricks, and online games that you will like parkour.Playing these games, you get to enjoy all the charms virtually this extreme sport, but you do not risk your life and health.In these games, you will also overcome various obstacles, clinging to the walls and jumping off roofs.Play games Parkour is very interesting, and usually requires a good reaction to have received some type of trick in this game.Perform tricks even in the virtual world is not so simple.But even if you do not have a reaction developed after some time you spend playing the flash game about parkour, your reaction will be just great.So this game is not only pleasant but also useful.It also speeds up the brain is sure to come in handy in many other areas of life.For many people, parkour became a lifestyle.Once you play in parkour at the computer, you may have a desire to join the traceurs in reality.We wish you good luck in games of parkour, and in the real sport!

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