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Hundreds of books and thousands of articles have been written about the differences between boys and girls (men and women).Millions of people have tried to understand this secret, to solve this problem.In full it could not be anyone, a great philosopher, nor a great scholar.In the famous proverb says: - "He who understands a woman, he will rule the world."But many believe that the one who understands a woman go mad ... Because really, no one has yet figured out why people are having almost the same brain structure, so different, because of different sex.Why girls love dolls from childhood, and the boys machines?Why girls from childhood trying to look beautiful, to please the boys, and those in turn, to a certain age do not pay attention to the opposite sex?Differences are almost all aspects of life, and even such a thing as computer games are not an exception.While in play, there is little if, aside from the differences and similarities can be found.Huge popular Rhythm games for girls, because, as we know weaker sex crazy about beautiful clothes and opportunities to try it.Games for girls Rhythm give girls the opportunity to try on whatever they like, make your game character most fashionable.The boys, most of them do not understand the meaning of these games do essentially the same as playing in a MMORPG, but in a different shell.And no one would never think that Rhythm games for girls are so similar to their interest, and may also be of interest.Yes, of course, in the "Rhythm Boys", as mentioned above, you need to kill monsters, grab a lock, and soetc.But we know that this time is annoying, and the purpose of the game is reduced to the commonplace "dress the coolest."Reminds Rhythm games, is not it?So maybe the boys should stop to throw mud and laughter games for girls, but just try to play by them?One can not fully judge did not see and did not try.Rhythm will give you a lot of experience, good humor and positive emotions, regardless of whether you're a boy or a girl.Play on our site for free, discover something new, and maybe even the way you look at some things change, and that will be useful to both girls and boys.

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