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Music helps people escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life, immerse yourself in the harmony of sounds.Even greater effect it has when we do not just listen to music, but also they play them, play the flute, accordion, violin.Piano - a versatile tool with which you can perform an unlimited number of songs.It can be funny dance motifs or prolonged sad ballads, complex symphony or a simple children's songs.To learn to play on this piano, it takes several years to devote learning, develop the skill of playing together the left and right hand, to learn to feel the tool becomes a part of his inner experience and every note played on it.If there is no purpose to become a great pianist, and you just want to fingers along the keys, making a beautiful sound, it can be done in just a few seconds - enough to load the flash game with a virtual tool.After that, you will see a number of black and white piano keys.White - is pure tones, black - semitone.All are seven notes: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si.A set of seven notes is called an octave and pianos have several of these octaves.The left, the low end, low sound, and on the right - tall, with a thin sound.The black keys - glide between adjacent notes.They are often used to add color emotional piece of music.To play the piano in the flash game is very simple - the cursor is over the desired key, pressed the left mouse button and issued the corresponding sound.In this case, the skill of computer technology allows the virtual piano sounds quite nondifferent from the sounds of real instruments.In these games you can improvise, trying to invent its own melody, or open and play some simple music notation.Very interesting game, in which you can help.For example, a funny little dog jumping on the piano, plays a few notes, and then the player repeats the action.So you can not just fun to have fun, but also quickly learn a very simple and nice composition.Playing the piano are often created only with external participation tool, with no direct use.So you can download the game dress up games, where you have to choose an outfit for the pianist before an important concert.It is sometimes also invited to choose color and shape of the tool.And then there are toys, which feature a joke about falling from the sky piano - the hero has to be smart, so they do not run over it with his weight.Play the piano, or download a toy with his participation possible in this location.

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