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Man is naturally excited. Let some of this character trait is not as pronounced, but at others it is fully manifested. There are many games, which contains specific rules and supporting tools. But moving the human mind does not stop there, always coming up with new options and ways to entertain themselves, which can re-experience a strong desire to win and be the best. The once well-known and popular game bagatelle today has changed, and we know it as a pinball. Bagatelle (from French Bagatelle), translated as "bauble", and the story of his starts during the time of King Louis XIV. Made it up close to one of the crowned lady, reducing the pool table and equipping it with one hand c pins. When in 1777 the palace party, which was held at the estate of Chateau de Bagatelle, as a fun new game to test suggested that so loved the aristocracy, the fun has earned a well-deserved praise and was liked by everyone. A brother of the king so imbued with the idea that he decided to name it in honor of his pomestya Bagatelle. The essence of the game is to hit the cue balls and drive them into the pockets. But the pin that was studded table, changed the trajectory of the ball, sending them on a new path. To meet the challenge, the player had to consider the impact force, its angle and direction of motion in a collision with a pin, which is very reminiscent of another game - carom. When the game is outside the manorial estates, the common people also found it interesting, and the game became known throughout the country. A send when French soldiers to march on America, you brought along and play bagatelle, which caused its spread in the New World. Already settled in America, the game knows changes. English inventor Montagyu Redgrave in 1869 began making table games, a in 1871 gody innovate, making the playing field and even less inclined to replace the pocket springs (bumpers), well, he transformed the cue in the plunger. These changes are still the standard for all slot machines pinball. Now the game is more organic, functional and comfortable, a top panel of the machine according to the player scored his glasses. It's safe to say that the development of Montague Redgrave initiated the official birth of pinball games. Today, not only in America, but in Europe, you can often find these machines, but with the advent of the Internet and gaming products, it was possible to play free games pinball without leaving home. Rules of online games are the same as in the original. - Your task is to get as many game points, keeping the ball on the field kak long enough to win the right to the bonus game - replay. Free pinball games offer a different idea of ​​the story. In addition to the classical version, you can test yourself in options-mix of pinball football, racing, bowling and others. And if you go to the cemetery, play pinball online gain sharpness and poignancy, as the balls you shoot down zombies. Next time you get down to the sea floor and try to play in unusual conditions for themselves. Roll the ball under the water is not easy, but as a bonus you can admire the beauty of the landscape and the diversity of marine life. Flash games pinball and have not missed a Christmas theme, where you have to hold on the snow balls. All options are interesting and entertaining. This game used to be presented to the king, and today it is played by you.

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