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Funny penguins with us again!

Many people looked wonderful trilogy cartoon "Madagascar."This cartoon is one of the most famous and beloved, as in young children, and adults, sometimes independently come to him in the movie theaters.Everyone loves the four friends left, zebra, giraffe and gippopotamiha who decided to run away from New Yorks zoo.In the cartoon we could watch the exciting adventures of the main characters.However, it so happened that the secondary characters of this cartoon, there were even a little more popular than the main characters.It is, of course, about the penguins from Madagascar.They are not even involved in the plot, but each of their appearance on the screen the audience greeted with a smile and great approval.And the main phrase Penguins' smile and waving!"In general, a cruise, and today it is used in his speech, even those who have never watched this cartoon.Cartoon creators noticed the popularity and released a separate short film titled "The Penguins of Madagascar," after which the penguins Kowalski, Rico, Private and Skipper just won huge popularity.Soon there were games Penguins of Madagascar that was great fun playing with both children and adults.This is not surprising, as penguins are funny and dynamic.They have a unique character, who so loved the world.Our heroes continue to sail around the world, locking in the numbers of new fans!The Penguins of Madagascar game recently gained even more popular than games involving the main characters from the animated film "Madagascar"!Exactly the same situation occurred in another popular cartoon of the last decade, under the name "Ice Age."Protein from the Ice Age, which appears only in a few episodes, has become much more popular than the main characters of this cartoon!Also the penguins from Madagascar!A little later, the creators of cartoons realized that online games, Penguins of Madagascar and a separate animated short little penguin fans, and created a separate animated series about our favorite penguins!At this point of the season created three animated series of twenty-six episodes in each!The creators are not going to stop, and will continue to do cartoons about penguins.They will also create new games and with these characters, so check regularly on our website where you can play as in the old game Penguins of Madagascar, and new!

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