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Stories of pirates have become popular for a long time.Back in the days when there were no computers, and no film movies, people have great pleasure in reading fiction about pirates, and they immediately loved the people.Adventures of the brave men who travel on the seas and oceans in huge dilapidated ships, loved all people.This is not surprising, as the romance of waves magical sound of the surf and exciting adventure is a dream for many people who have read the book or watched the pack of popular movies are the same.Even in today's high tech world there are still those adventurers who dream of such a life.Especially such a situation was the most noticeable, after a series of feature films "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Johnny Depp in the title role.His role as Captain Jack Sparrow inspired people, most of them felt it her duty to find a pirate costume, like him.Of course, the popularity of the pirates could not ignore the game developers who have used it and created a pirate online games.Such wonderful games allow people to sit in his chair to travel back home in danger, and at the same time a beautiful world in which there are pirates.After the pirates complex fate: they have to live each day on the verge of death and walk the razor's edge.Even if their comrades on the ship because of any argument can throw you overboard, and no one will not save you in the vast ocean.Or may be under the influence of rum to get a gun and start shooting at everyone.This can make their comrades, to say nothing of the enemy pirates who travel on another ship, and if desired, can easily attack your ship, and if you do not fight back, your ship with all hands will sink.As you can see, real life pirate is not so great, and carries a thousand dangers.Maybe that's why the game is so popular pirates, people can enjoy the delights of this life, in this case, without putting their lives in danger.In these games you can play as an ordinary seaman pirate, and for the ship's captain.Being captain is particularly interesting, because the need to exert a lot of effort, not only to control the ship and be a captain's wheel, but is also necessary to solve various internal ship conflicts and problems.After all, temperamental pirates often have these conflicts.The task master fight with others and not be allowed to live side by side, the pirates were fighting each other.

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