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Game of the animals took their place of honor among other online games.Almost all of us love the small, cute and furry creatures.Someone just likes to walk through the park or forest edges, watching wild animals, and some plants of these wonderful baby animals at home.The children are very attached to the animals, every second of our childhood dream was to have a pet.But always strict parents forbade to do it.Now, if the opportunity to have a pet you have no, or worse, you're allergic to wool - then feel like a real animal breeders in online games about pets.For you will be entrusted with the awesome responsibility of selected animals.You will have to feed them, play with them, take care and drive to the doctor, if your pet accidentally gets sick.If you do not want to buy your child a pet or are afraid that he is not yet ready for such responsibility, introduce him to games about pets.Play online games for pets is very exciting, and you know it, spent so much time playing.Your child will be thrilled with flash games.In addition, you can always choose what animal he wants to make.Take care of your pets online, buy them different food, brush their fur and they will treat you with all his devotion and love.Spend as much time with your pets, play with them using different balls and ropes, clean up after them.Also, you have to wash and process the animal.So, just like in real life, do not feed - will be hungry, not washing your - will be messy and zavedutsya fleas.Also, there is the opportunity to have a little different animal, such as a cat or a dog.You can buy a horse or a sloth, and you can taste more lions or tigers.The choice is really huge, and each animal requires individualized care.Horses, for example, needs a cage and daily training with a rider, and also features a list of used animal products.You and your child can really feel the responsibility for the animal, and it will help you with making the right choice before you make a pet in real life.Buy your favorite new toys that are imperative for its proper and full development.If you can handle the responsibilities, you will have great fun virtual animal.Alumni game will teach you the nuances of the treatment of these animals, and the gameplay will bring great pleasure.Become the proud owner of a cute animal, and devoted to you, and your life will change.

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