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When someone you do not realize there is a conflict of interest.For example, a child wants a breath of fresh spring air, impregnated with aromas of herbs, wants to run across the lawn and absorb the gentle rays of the sun's heat, and malicious teacher refuses to understand emotional outbursts and makes learning Newton's third law!Had she let the class in a kind, no one would have tried to escape from a lesson, but once in her mind there is no room compassion, then develop a plan of escape, playing games to escape.It is in this section, and collected a game where you have to use all his cunning and resourcefulness to escape from the enclosed space.Escape can be performed not only for the party, and from prisons, hospitals, towers, ship: space, underwater, yachts.Even ordinary room can become your prison, if not leave it for some time.Game akin to the quest genre and therefore full of a variety of tasks.In order to open the door to an elementary, it is necessary to make a lot of other movements, activating the levers looking items, solving puzzles, walking labyrinths, answering questions.Even the hidden object can be a problem if you do not know where and how to look for.Dark corners hide the required codes safes keep classified documents secret for a secret door waiting to be discovered.The room decor is not always friendly, and therefore to be feared attack.But even the most lavish suites can cause surprises, and fraught with danger.Ordinary at first glance, things at midnight change their appearance, come to life and show signs of rampant hunger.Escape games are full of adventure, mystery and puzzles.Once on the pirate ship, you can not expect anything good.Locked in the hold with his hands and feet, you are limited in movement.This is a problem, but if you find a way to get out your problems on this run out.Alien creatures find themselves indescribable pleasure to experiment on earthlings.Kidnapping of people have become the norm.If you open your eyes, you find yourself in a casual setting, be sure that you are a prisoner of these vile creatures.They say that the situations are not hopeless.That is why most do not despair and start for the development of a strategic plan for escape.To wake up in a room that burned with fire, or when water is pouring from the ceiling and the room is about to turn into the aquarium, also promises a good morning.In this situation, to think long life threatening.Your response should be lightning fast to leave the room on his own two feet and not on a stretcher morgue attendants.Fans of mysteries and puzzles, fans of ancient architecture and cryptography, can discover stories, where you may find answers, out of cunning traps and avoid unpleasant surprises.Jailbreak - that's where your talents will be opened all the way!Thirst for freedom must be satisfied by any means, but on the way of obstacles in the form of guards, bars, barbed wire, stone walls and alarms, you can take into account not only when you are on the other side of it all.In our hospitals heal before his death.Sometimes it is not clear - it is treated or you have to experiment?When this question was to appear in your head more often, it is time to "Happy Feet"!Avoid meetings with all-seeing nurses and nurse on duty.Besides these, you will have to overcome many difficulties, because it affects your health.

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