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Everyone knows that card games are bad.Card games are mostly gambling, and gambling, as we know, can be a dependence, which is not good.But there is a card game that can be called gambling, but they are not perceived as such.This game is a game of cards and "fool."The game of "fool" by the rules simple, interesting and exciting.This game is popular in countries that were part of the Soviet Union.Everyone knows the game, but the game they know very little.For example, variations of the game such as "piled", "royal", "boring" does not tell the common man.This is not surprising, because the game has a simple structure and come up with a new variety is not that difficult.The game, however, which everyone knows is the "Snap".It is in the Snap you can play on our site.Many people know this game since childhood.Many saw it as a "cut" of the house parents are excitedly shuffled cards grandmother on a bench in the yard, and someone he can play early in life.Yes, of course "fool" game with the presence of gambling.But think about it, but what game is not?What would it be for a game in which no desire to win?To win, you often have to take risks.A desire to win and risk - the component parts excitement.Excitement is different, and it shows in their own way.The game of "snap" too reckless, but this game is always accompanied by laughter, jokes and fun.The game, in which you experience such emotions can not be "evil."The game itself is not interesting when playing it for the money and place bets.It does not make much sense to bluff, go for broke, taking off her shirt.This game is designed for a fun hanging out with friends, as a deck of cards can easily fit in your pocket, and you can take it anywhere.The game is notable for the fact that know how to play it, almost everything.If you play poker, you have to play well, otherwise you have no chance.In a game of "snap", no matter your level of skill.Remember and understand the rules, you can literally in one hand, and the next you can already come out victorious.But the apparent simplicity at first glance, the game has a strong strategic component.Ability during the game to remember the departed in the "all-clear" cards incredibly ease your plight, and greatly increase your chances of winning.By playing the "fool" conducted various championships, including the Russian Championship.But most of this championship to anything, they just want nice and have fun.This game is perfect unpretentious all adults and children.We should not forget that to teach a child to the cards can be fraught with bad consequences, so be careful!

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