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In the fictional universe, much like the real world, live special creatures, Pokemon.They come in different types, dating back to the various elements, such as water, fire, ice, grass, earth, and others.Each type has certain supernormal Pokemon that appear in battle.In fact, these are the battle between the trainers and Pokemon are just their tools, a kind of living weapon.Coach to begin to receive a Pokémon, which he will train, preparing for the upcoming battle.To do this, you can catch wild Pokémon and then tame it.Himself in battle Pokemon trainer is not involved, it just gives the team his charge, what abilities to use and how to fight.This story was the basis for a popular series of computer games, Japanese manga, cartoon series in the anime style, more animated.There are also mini-games Pokemon.The main characters here are cartoon characters: Pokemon Pikachu, his trainer Ash and their friends and enemy.Gameplay flash games Pokemon can be very diverse.They are sometimes offered to feel the excitement in the struggle between these creatures manage your Pokemon and help him combat the enemy.These games involve opportunities for development - a player can catch the new fighters, exchange the existing ones.Often in games you can develop the quality of their Pokémon.For example, after the battle received a certain amount of experience points, and the player will distribute them to protective, attack power, the level of health.Pokémon games are often produced quite simplistic, with limited combat capabilities, a small number of playable characters - such flash games only vaguely reminiscent of the original cartoon stories.It can be a game with the search of objects - here in the picture to find heroes favorite series.In these amusements Pokémon hiding in the foliage behind the trunks of trees, hidden in different places.There are games, race, where Ash and Pikachu flee on a bicycle from the aggressive attackers and have a limited time to get to the end of the race.There are puzzle games, in which, for example, you need to collect a series of three identical images of Pokémon by swapping adjacent.When this happens, they disappear and in their place new pictures fall.In the mini-games you can do the domestication of wild Pokemon - they are free to run around the game world, but if they catch the mouse and click the left button accurately, they fall into a special trap.A wide variety of mini-games with a Pokemon you find in this section of the site.You make your own fighter and become a true master of the game.

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