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About Poker heard everything, it's not all play into it.Few people know, but as a poker card game appeared in the XXV century, making it one of the oldest card games that are popular today.Prior to 2003, poker was not world famous, supporting television.It seems incredible, but poker is firmly entrenched in our lives in just a few short years.All this happened because of one person.His name - Chris Moneymaker.Just an ordinary accountant from Tennessee, was able to reveal to the world the beauty of this game.He is a player - an amateur, won the World Championships, and won the top prize - $ 2.5 million!After this event, all the newspapers, all the TV channels started showing scenes of him and poker.Millions of people ran to the store for a pack of cards, the search engines were filled with queries about the rules of poker.Hundreds of companies engaged in the development of computer games in the waltz began to create games poker.And now, years later, poker has become the most popular board game in the world.And it's not just because of the stunning victory Moneymaker, and a fabulous prize.Poker is different from all the other games in that it is first necessary to think, and have a secondary factor is luck.It was in this game just to be able to do "a good face on a bad situation."Play poker know how many, but not all of them know how to play poker.Poker requires a player to think mathematically, calculate the percentage of combinations of one to another, calculate the drop rate of a card.Of course, luck in poker is important, but one of good fortune do not win, you need the most "to make a game."To date, many sites offer the opportunity to play online poker for free.On such resources you have the option to play for play money (chips), and to the present.It goes without saying that playing for real money and win a lot more interesting.But if you are not strong in the rules, combinations, and other nuances - better start by playing for play chips.Poker skills will come with time, and then we can sit down with a real currency.But be that as it may, poker - a game of chance, very much so.And do not get too immersed in it, as it could end badly.Play poker for free you can on our website, where you will find a lot of games for every taste.Train, develop, and believe in yourself, and maybe that you are destined to become the next winner of the world championship of poker, and it is filled up with your bank account for a few million dollars.

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