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It will be hard to find in the former CIS person who did not know or have not seen the TV show "Field of Miracles."There is no chance to find a man who does not know who the Leonid Yakubovich Abramovich, or "mustachioed uncle Leon," as it was called children.For today's youth, this show as a hello from my childhood.Everyone remembers how young with her parents died away from the TV screens, waiting catchphrase Jakubowicz "cool drum!".Many children wanted to get on the show, especially as to create special editions, the game in which the participants were children.Despite the fact that the "Field of Dreams" had many counterparts in other countries, by popularity, they did not go to any comparison.Millions of TV viewers, along with family members show guessed keywords felt for the participants.He Leonid Abramovich, by the position of leading the show was just a symbolic figure 90.By popularity he could compete with the president himself, and loved it more accurately.Undoubtedly, the main intrigue of the show has always been a time when the participants in the sector reels prize, and they decide what to take - money or a prize.It was fun to watch as abandoning several thousand, "lucky" got bitten apple.Or conversely, expensive and useful item.After the first issue, the producers show conceived to make the museum program, but they have implemented this idea until 2001.The museum contains all the gifts that have ever been presented to the master project, and gifts of a huge number.The show comes to television screens, and to this day, but his popularity is not the same.To date, the primary audience for the transfer are people who watched more first issue.For them it is nostalgia, and lots of good memories and emotions, which you can not refuse.Games wonderland started producing relatively late, this was due to the fact that at that time we were very poorly developed game industry.But, nevertheless, they have appeared, they have now and they megopopulyarny!Not everyone has the opportunity to go to the show in person, and not all get there.And with the games, the opportunity to finally feel in the project, rotate the drum so welcome and enjoy the sparkling humor moderator.Game show coming out in theaters for more than 20 years, just could not be anything special, so familiar and close to everyone, regardless of age and place of residence.Play on our website, participate in a super game, haggle with the lead for the right to collect a prize - for free.This game will come to delight adults and the children who had not seen the transfer to the height of fame, I think, will not remain indifferent.

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