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A series of games for girls, games, pony, probably the cutest, and sometimes fantastic, the category of online games.Horses are probably the most noble creatures in the world, and the little ponies - their cute thumbnails.Who does not love those little cute horses, which in amusement parks ride kids.Rewound and you this sweet little animals in the online games for girls.Feel like a real cock of buying new horses and ponies to his farm.Skating train horses with a rider, ride your pets yourself and get a lot of unforgettable pleasure.Games for girls and ponies have to develop the quality of the child.Train your memory, you find the same pictures, or try your patience and endurance to find the differences between two similar pictures.Collect interesting puzzles, the difficulty level can be adjusted to the desired boundary.There is also a game simulator, in which you have to train real champions before arrival, you will be able to understand how this complex system works from the purchase of the colt to education in its league skills.Take care of their animals, and clean chistte stall, feed them and buy them for a special feed and hay.Control in games is very easy and minimal downtime, you do not get in the way during game play, and the accompanying music will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the game.There are many heroes of children's cartoon series My Little Pony, where your child will be able to meet with their favorite ponies from the animated series.Create their ponies, picking them color and a new image.My eyes, tail and peculiar only to add wings and fabulous animal horn.Games will please the most sophisticated and whimsical children.Very colorful pony games have always attracted the attention of children.Beautiful ponies will be for you loyal friends and the category of the most beloved pony, among other genres.There is also a game of Barbie series, where we will have to face the most beloved horses princess.A game of dressing cute and very funny horses will please girls, create a unique image for your pet, pick him not only a bridle, but also quite familiar to us clothes.Decorate your horse different ornaments and ancient Native American feathers.In this category there are a lot of flash applications that do not necessarily require your participation, you just need to run the game and enjoy your extended mini-cartoon or a funny story.The game will fill your heart with joy, and you become a little kid again, so long dreamed rolled on an unusual horse.Become a true friend of small horses, and they are always ready to please you with something new.Enjoy all the fantastic games!

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