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To cook authentic Italian pizza, make exotic sushi, bake a cake, cut into a salad or fried eggs, not necessarily to buy food and sweat in the kitchen.With modern flash games every can be a chef, not even looking up from his computer screen.Although pokorpet over cooking meals, and its design is still necessary.Typically, games for girls cook offer to start a piecemeal set of ingredients - flour, sugar, eggs, vegetables, butter, milk and many others can be on the shelves in the closet, and the player will need to collect supplies for their culinary experiments.Do not worry if you do not know the recipe, because all you need to take is listed in a special list, and just a click on the product, so that it fell into the basket and then moved to the kitchen.Cooking process begins in the earliest stages.Vegetables should be cut, eggs beat with a mixer and mix with sugar, flour, diluted with water and replace the dough.If you need to cook a pizza or cake, you will need to take a virtual rolling pin and roll dough pieces into a round pancake.If you need to make cookies, the dough is cut special molds.All of the games are in a clear sequence, so that the girl will not have to rack their brains over what products to throw and what ingredients to mix.If the future of dish requires heat treatment, it must be put in the oven or put over a gas burner.Cook over a fire to a limited time, otherwise the Bree, and efforts will be in vain.After dostavaniya from the oven, a culinary masterpiece should be prepared for serving.Cake can be placed on a chic dish pizza lay on a wooden stand, cookies fill the beautiful napkin, lay eggs in a bowl.But that is not enough, because everything can be made even more beautiful.Cake decorated with chocolate powder and pieces of fruit, eggs are placed on the leaves of parsley salad is made delicious olives.When the dish is ready, you can once again enjoy the result of their efforts, and then take on a new chef's recipe.Games chef produced by well-known characters.Dora prepares Mexican food, Selena Gomez bakes cookies, SpongeBob krabsburgery fries.Many games require skill to cook a strategy game.For example, before preparing salads, vegetables need to grow a virtual garden of, to sell in the market, those that would be too much to buy the missing ones.Often need to be very quick in their actions, as the time for each stage of cooking is limited, or the game is a special competition in which wins the most nimble cook.

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